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About Us - Red Dragon Bonsai

Bonsai Specialist on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Hi, my name is Chris White and I started Bonsai in 1981 after seeing a beautiful group of liquid ambers as bonsai at a nursery on the Gold Coast. I suppose something 'switched on' inside me and the journey began. My first tree is no longer with us, however a few of my early trees somehow managed to survive. I think I loved the first ones to death with wire, water and fertiliser. At the time no one taught the art, and nobody I knew was doing bonsai.

During the early stages, I began to teach myself. Now after all these years, I am still only scratching the surface. The passion I had in the beginning continues unabated.

Red Dragon Bonsai started in 2000 as a part time business which grew out of my passion for Bonsai. It began with small classes titled "Introduction to Bonsai", and has developed over the years. In June 2005 we located to our current premises, where we now supply trees, tools and pots.

Our philosophy here at Red Dragon Bonsai, is in a spirit of overwhelming passion - to create in miniature, that perfect tree. We believe that the human nature has a powerful drive to be self expressive, and creative. It is for all to enjoy, the young and old alike. It is to this end we are committed to teaching, imparting, and encouraging this same spirit. It is about giving rather than withholding information.

We accomplish our aim by teaching the rules and guidelines of Bonsai, thus enabling the student to then go on and explore the endless possibilities available. It is to encourage and inspire Bonsai enthusiasts of all levels to go further, develop their skills, and extract great satisfaction from their art.


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