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Philosophy of Bonsai


The philosophy and art of Bonsai is difficult to put in words, but is instantly recognized when seen. The reason for this is its history of development, through many countries and many cultures. Some of its roots are found in the mystic philosophy of Taoism and Buddhism. It has been a journey - starting through necessity, and ending in living works of art. This evolution continues today, and will continue to develop as a unique art.

The west is yet to gain a full appreciation of this fascinating cross between art and horticulture. For all of those whom it touches, it always leaves a deep impression - often triggering the desire to grow one of these miniature trees.

It's a spirit, something that transcends words, but becomes deeply ingrained, growing rather than lessening over the years. The word 'Bonsai' comes from the Japanese, and means literally plant (sai) in a small pot (bon). However, the concept of bonsai is far more defined. To just put a small tree in a pot does not make a bonsai. Many trees seen for sale at markets, or even some nurseries are merely young saplings placed in a bonsai container and sold as such.

It is the art form of bonsai that will eventually create what is pleasing to the eye. It will immediately take you into a small world where you feel that you could climb the tree, or walk amongst the forest. There is a clear correlation between the art of bonsai, and its structure or theory. Not unlike painting, where certain colours used together have certain effects, bonsai is the same.

You may try as hard as you will, but unless certain guidelines are followed, you will never produce a pleasing tree! The art form element of bonsai comes when these principles are adhered to using your own artistic expression.

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